This page is outdated and will be updated with the Neuro Pro 2’s new features.

The Neuro Pro Controller

The Neuro Pro comes with a pre-synced smartphone with pre-installed Neuro Pro App. Combined together, they function as the ‘Neuro Pro controller’.


The Neuro Pro controller unlocks the ability to explore different EEG brain photobiomodulation parameters, including pulse frequencies, selected module activation, selected point-to-point synchrony, phase-locking and more.

A controller. A database. An ecosystem.
Right within your fingertips.

The Neuro Pro App’s powerful interface allows you to customize and save settings, including multiple programs.


Connect your Neuro Pro with the Neuro Pro app.

A pre-sync’d smartphone will be provided with your Neuro Pro.

Connect with the Vielight cloud to receive app updates.


Customize brain photobiomodulation parameters.

Tailor the power density, pulse rate and synchronization to your needs.

Enhance your neurofeedback or meditation practice today.


Easily save and categorize different settings into profiles.

Load a given profile with a simple press of a button.

Edit stimulation profiles according to your requirements.

Vielight Cloud

Gain insight from EEG data analytics to enhance your Neuro Pro experience.
(Under development)


Our team is building an exclusive platform for leveraging various types of data to create additional value for our Neuro Pro Community members.


Members will be able to submit their data in EEG or other usable formats for it to be analyzed and compared against normative or comparative groups of data. Vielight’s Cloud Analytics program will leverage machine learning algorithms that are used in advanced brain stimulation research.


Our vision – the Neuro Pro Community will have access to useful features that are second to none. The features will ultimately benefit both professional and casual users of our products.

Utilizing a cloud architecture will ensure that the platform remains up to date with continuous upgrades to both the system, creating redundancy to maximize security and minimize downtime.

Once launched, users who are subscribed to Vielight’s Cloud Analytics program will receive training on how to access the system and utilize the features in the program.