This page is outdated and will be updated with the Neuro Pro 2’s new features.


Designed to be our most customizable and comprehensive device, enjoy near limitless brain photobiomodulation customizability within your fingertips.

Our brain photobiomodulation technology is ideal for qEEG, neurofeedback and biofeedback practices.

  • Customize pulse rates within all 12 modules and run powerful in-built programs.

  • Featuring cross-frequency coupling, frequency sweeps and neural network synchronization.

  • Adjust and control up to 200 mW/cm2 of power density


Designed to be our most powerful and comprehensive device – enjoy near limitless brain photobiomodulation customizability within your fingertips.

  • Customize pulse rates within each module or run pre-set programs.

  • Control and adjust the power density according to your needs.

  • Sync and save Neuro Pro settings with the Vielight cloud. (In Development)

Advancing brain stimulation

The Neuro Pro could help balance brainwaves, improve neuroplasticity and brain connectivity.

Our industry-leading research and software enables unrivaled customizability and efficacy.

Built for brain modulation

The Neuro Pro is an invaluable addition for practitioners and enthusiasts.

  • Adjustable positions for Neuro Pro modules.

  • Create and run programs that vary in frequency and power.

  • Activate Neuro Pro modules in any combination, including synchronized patterns.

  • Fully customizable session length, power intensity, phase asynchrony, duty cycle, and frequency pulse capabilities between 1 and 10,000 Hz.

Neurofeedback ready

As a neurofeedback provider, you can easily integrate the Vielight Neuro Pro into your practice as a synergetic modality to enhance the efficacy of both interventions.

  • before a neurofeedback session to increase neuro plasticity and energy.
  • during a neurofeedback session to increase attention recruitment
  • after a neurofeedback session to help a client relax and integrate the neurofeedback.